What It Means To Age In America

Aging in America is a scary proposition. While other cultures revere age and the wisdom that can come with it, this is a country that looks past the aging and puts all of its value in its youth. In order to effectively deal with the aging process in this country, those who are 55 and older need a strong support system.

Once upon a time it was customary for the grown children of an again adult to care for their elderly parents. In one way or another, grown children made sure that their parents didn't have to worry about much, and thus it was easier to grow older with dignity. These days it is more customary for the grown children of aging parents to shoulder the entire responsibility on one sibling or no one at all.

By developing a strong support system for the aging, the elderly end up with a support system that can be counted upon to help with the process of getting older.

While there are plenty of living communities that are ready and willing to help, not everyone wants to be forced into giving up their home and move into a community that is designed for independence that grows into dependence.

So where do the aging turn? Fortunately, there are options for those who want to experience their own life and grow old gracefully on their own terms. Many people are starting to develop their own "communities" of sort with long term friends who are starting to struggle with the realities of aging without support. These small communities are there to support each other and help each other through tough times.

Moreover, there are programs that are designed to help those who are aging without the support of family or even a spouse. These programs are usually run on a volunteer basis, but they are not necessarily available to all communities. As the baby boomers start facing 60 and beyond, these programs are growing.

Any time a person of age can start their own support group of sorts they are empowered to help themselves when there is no one there to determine the next right step. These groups can be in the form of Scrabble or Bridge groups or they can be an elaborate living situation that houses several individuals or couples in one home. This way there can be someone who is always around and there is always someone to help guide you through the difficult decisions that can come with aging in America.


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