How Does LTCI Protect Younf Families?

by Susan P. Payne

How Does LTCi protect young families? Every day many people of all ages experience a significant change in health status. How would it impact your family if a sudden unexpected accident or illness happened? Are you prepared to handle the cost associated with long-term care? Needing long term care help is a family issue. What will happen to saving for the kids college? Your retirement? Your finances? Planning for a secure future can be possible with integrating Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi) protection planning.

LTCi is important, yet overlooked by many. It is the day-to-day help you need when a serious illness, injury or disability makes you physically or cognitively unable to care for yourself for a long period of time. This type of care is usually provided at home, in an assisted living facility, adult day care or, lastly, in a nursing home. No one ever wants to think about a catastrophic illness or an accident like a broken leg or hip. Close your eyes and think about what life would be like with a broken hip. You could not walk, bathe or dress yourself. You would need someone to assist you in your normal activities of daily living. Could you depend on your family? Would you spouse have to miss work? Would the kids need to miss school or their sporting events?

How will having a Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi) plan help you and your family?

1. Protects your independence; live how you want & where you want

2. Protects your family from the potential burden of being your caretaker

3. Protect your savings, college funds and retirement plans from the high cost of long term care

4. Many plans will pay for home health care providers, home health aides and caregivers, giving you freedom to choose what makes you comfortable

 Why does someone my age need to think about long-term care?

Today you are healthy. But 24-hours from now, things can change. Many illnesses, once considered to be life threatening, are now life altering with the medical advances in place today. Many now leave you ‘disabled' relying on others for care, sometimes for short periods of time, sometimes for life. Long term care protection requires you to "health qualify". No matter how much you would be willing to pay, a change in health can make it impossible for you to health qualify for long term care insurance. For individuals who are currently young and in good health, you have the possibility of locking in "preferred rates" for your lifetime. Cost for insurance can be significantly lower at younger ages so you will save money! You lock in savings and you can never be cancelled even if your health changes. You may benefit now and again later as many people need and use their benefits when they are young and again when they are older.

How does LTCi protect young families? Because things can change tomorrow, now is the right time! For more information request a free analysis
to determine what plan works best for you. A long-term care insurance specialist can answer your questions and help you obtain affordable protection best suited to your needs, at any age.