Should I Buy Long Term Care Insurance In This Economy?

Purchasing a long term care insurance policy is a question only you can answer. With a few pointers, you can begin to figure out what you should do. A long term care insurance policy covers the nursing home care expenses, at home assistance care, and assisted living facility.

You need to pay attention to the policies; inflation riders, alternative care, spouses discounts, life insurance riders, and description what care facility the policy covers. Insurance for long-term care is above average cost. The premiums are high rising twenty percent in the last ten years. Know what you are buying in a policy.

How secure are your finances? Start paying the high premiums for a few years and it gets harder to make the payment so you stop. All the money spent has been wasted and you still had 20 years to pay.

When calculating your retirement, add for the cost of long-term care. This gives you assets and Medicaid will pick up some of the cost. When you are older, start paying for insurance. Those already retired know if their assets are enough to back up. Those having trouble now will find it hard to pay on a long-term care plan.

What is your family's history of Alzheimer's and any chronic conditions that would be factors to consider? These are the questions to ask yourself for an ideal of the future we cannot predict. When looking for coverage find out what will be allowed and all the specifics in fine print. Find the names of facilities that are in your chosen area to live. Make a list of question before you search.

You will sustain the policies for years so finding the reliable company to work with is the first step. Moody's Investors Service is a rating service and can give you a financial strength grade for the company in question. "A" ratings are high, "AA" is better.

The United Seniors Health Cooperative laid these guidelines; more than seventy-five thousand in assets per persons, annual income of thirty thousand for one income, able to afford the premiums if increased by twenty to thirty percent, and that your life style will not be changed. These guides are easy enough to follow.

Starting the payment when you are younger gives the edge of lower premiums, but paying for a longer time. Counselors will suggest starting around age fifty to fifty-five is the best time. Waiting tens years at age sixty-five to start will double the annual cost. Some states are levels of health care are covered.

Before choosing a long-term care policy, please check all the facts and find out the eligibility requirements. There should be a Waiver of Premium provision that allows you to stop payments when drawing benefits. There is a guaranteed renewable provision that gives you the chance to renew the policy. These are highlights and some guides to use answering your question; should I buy Long Term Care Insurance in this economy?



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