How Does LTCI Policy Protect Senior Citizens?

by Susan P. Payne, Long Term Care Specialist

How does a LTCi policy protect Senior Citizens? Lets take a few minutes to look at this. Life is a journey full of surprises! No one knows exactly what the future holds. You worked hard to save and invest wisely for retirement. And, though it's impossible to predict what lies ahead, we can gain some control of the future by examining our lives and finding solutions that will protect our independence. The reality of life is that, despite everything you do to take care of yourself, your chances of needing long-term care steadily increase over time. The costs that go along with long-term care can exhaust your savings and impact your standard of living along with your independence. Fortunately, there's a solution. With long term care insurance, you can help ensure that if you ever need long-term care, you'll be better able to pay for it and help protect your family, your assets and remain in control of your future!

American's are living longer, leading healthier lives than ever before. We know what is healthy for us and what is not. We have access to medical advances and care that with each passing day we hear about another person celebrating their 100th birthday. Most never expected to live that long. Have you thought about living a long life and the financial and emotional risk associated with long term care? Chances are, you or someone you know has faced the issues involved with caring for a family member. Long Term care is the ongoing care for a chronic, long term illness or disability such as Alzheimer's, a broken hip or an inability to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL's). Long Term care can include home health care, supervised adult day care, assisted living, residential care, respite care and nursing care.

When it comes to long term care, evaluate the impact on yourself and your family. Would you be able to stay at home to care for yourself or would your family care for you at home? How will you pay for it? Families often bear the burden. The majority of long-term care is provided by unpaid family caregivers to seniors living in their own homes or with their families. Discovering the benefits of long-term care insurance will help ensure your financial security and independence.

      Reasons to own a Long Term Care Policy:

  1. You can have a professional plan and coordinate your care at home.

  2. Your family can be a part of your care plan, but they don't have to be the planners.

  3. You will have the money to pay for the care without depleting your nest egg.

  4. Your loved ones can carry on with their jobs and own family commitments.

  5. Your family will help out of love instead of out of feelings of obligation.

  6. You will have the funds to be better able to choose your own facility or stay at home, whichever is more appropriate.

  7. You may be able to stay in your own home longer.

  8. You may be able to stay with your children without depending on them for all of your care.

  9. There will be less strife between family members. One person won't have the sole responsibility of caring for you.

How does a LTCi policy protect Senior Citizens? by protecting your independence and family's well-being. Including Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi) in your financial plans is an important step toward making sure the high cost of long-term care doesn't take your choices away. Work with a Long Term Care Specialist who can answer your questions and help you obtain affordable protection best suited for your needs today!